About us

Vivena Natura Ltd is a Polish leader in animal bedding production for animals that are used for professional purposes, such as: broiler chickens and turkeys, or sport horses and recreational horses breading.

Vivena natura specialises in production and sales of supplies for animal production. Animal bedding adjusted to animals’ needs:

  • poultry – broiler chickens, broiler turkeys, brood hens, parent stock, hatcheries,
  • horses – sport and recreational horses,
  • cattle – raised for milk and for meat,
  • pets – rodents, guinea pigs, cats and even reptiles

Environmental protection

Our second business activity is environmental protection in the field of: – waste reclaim and recycling in compliance with current regulations, – reclamation of closed areas of waste disposal other than dangerous, – production and sales of the organic fertilizer Opti Kombo 43, – consulting on environmental protection policies, support in getting agreements and cooperation in providing current documentation on environmental protection.

Osadkowski Cebulski Group

Vivena Natura is a daughter company of Osadkowski-Cebulski and is a part of Osadkowski-Cebulski group. As we have joined our potential and created Osadkowski-Cebulski group, we can take new, huge challenges and satisfy our customers’ needs even better.

Together, we have:

  • 620 employees
  • 20 sale outlets in Poland
  • grain storage with total capacity of 140 thousand tones

History of Vivena-Natura

  • 2018 We build a new hall and thus enlarge storage space.The production line is modernised, which increases our production capacity by 25%. Dry disinfection products are introduced. Our online store hotfarm.pl is developing.
  • 2017 We invest in a new dedusting line for our product and prepare to build a new warehouse.The bag packaging system is improved (bags 13, 15, 20 and 25 kg). We establish a contact with a large German distributor to sell animal bedding Lectum and expanding the export of our products to Switzerland.
  • 2016 Our animal bedding offer is expanded to make products adjusted to new groups of animals. We start selling more durable animal bedding. Our online store with argicultural and breeding products is launched – hotfarm.pl. Wagrodno and Ruja from Ruja county are reclaimed. We Add fuel products such as coal and wood pellets to our offer.
  • 2015 We start exporting our animal bedding to the Netherlands and selling feed components. The waste disposal site in Rogoznik county Ruja is reclaimed.
  • 2014 We start selling rapeseed oil for technical use (biofuel production). Organic fertilizer Opti Combo 43 is registered in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. We start selling professional animal bedding Pellet Lectum in Poland.
  • 2013 We Maintain the production and sales of the straw pellets despite the collapse of green certificate market. The first full production year in the new plant in Prochowice. The number of agricultural procurement contracts and the amount of straw purchase within a year is the highest since 2009. We start doing deliveries and cooperatation with power plants in Bogatynia and Opole. Expanding our biomass offer by adding sunflower shell pellet.
  • 2011 We sign a contract for reclaiming closed areas of waste disposal in Ruja county (3 waste disposal areas). July – trial runs of our production line producing straw pellets.
  • 2009/2010 Vivena-Natura is established. The construction of Production Plant in Prochowice starts. A permanent contract with EDF Paliwa (earlier Energokrak SA) is signed. Vivena-Natura takes over waste areas reclamation in Borow and Kondratowice county.