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Animal bedding Lectum 6.6

The animal bedding Lectum 6.6 for farm animals produced by Vivena-Natura Sp.z o.o. is made by pressing selected cereal straw in a high temperature and under the high pressure. It’s shaped into a cylinder with irregular endings and a diameter of 6mm, a length between 5 to 30mm, fair, straw-coloured.

What is Lectum 6.6 bedding for?

Lectum 6.6 is mainly used for cattle kept on deep bedding. It can be also used for pets, cats and rodents. Some breeders are happy to use it for their horses.


Selected high quality straw, (sourced from local farms), free from contamination and moisture. Natural organic acids authorised for use in feed.


The finished product is available in non-airtight paper or plastic 5, 15 and 25kg bags, 500kg and 1000kg BigBag bags and loose, loaded directly into trucks from a silo or low-rise store.

Storage and transport

The product must be stored and transported in dry conditions, it must be prevented from getting wet and contamination, especially by fungi or mould, in a cool place. Its storage is much more convenient and takes less space than straw storage.

How to use Lectum 6.6 bedding

Due to Lectum 6.6 your animals are kept as hygienic as possible, it reduces ammonia smell, it’s time efficient when distributing the bedding and reduces your workload. The applied amount of Lectum 6.6 depends on individual technology of breeding and intended use.


The bedding is available throughout the year, so we avoid storing large amount of straw which is available during the season only.

Download the data sheet – Lectum 6.6 – professional animal bedding.