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Bedding for poultry Lectum 6.3

The animal bedding for breeding animals Lectum 6.3 is a product suitable for poultry. It is especially recommended for broiler chickens, because the single use is enough for the whole breeding period. It considerably simplifies technology of production and reduces costs. Lectum 6.3 animal bedding is on the European trend to improve poultry breeding conditions. The bedding is soft and resilient which reduces broiler chickens’ leg injuries and turkeys’ pectoral muscle injuries.

Bedding for poultry Lectum 6.3
Bedding for poultry Lectum 6.3

General characteristics

  • High hygiene – Lectum animal bedding is produced from selected cereal straw (mostly wheat straw). It is thermally processed to the temperature above 90oC. Due to this process, it contains only traces of mould and very few microorganisms. Heat treatment in a high temperature causes that the colour of the bedding is slightly darker, but the most important is safe!
  • Absorbency – higher absorbency prevents from soaking and forming crust. To give an example: 100kg sawdust absorbs about 180kg of water, wheat straw (cut) about 250kg of water and Lectum at least 370kg of water. The high absorbency is achieved due to straw extrusion, which changes its structure so that the water is absorbed through the ends of long fibers rather than their whole surface.
  • Softness and resilience – prevents animals from injuries.
  • Lack of dust – dust triggers respiratory infections. Lectum is dedusted during its production and shredding, which minimizes the risk of respiratory infections in animals.

Advantages of Lectum 6.3

  • reduced quantity of alphitobius diaperinus,
  • decreased rate of FPD (footpad dermatitis),
  • better quality assessment of livestock meat in slaughterhouse,
  • high absorbency of the animal bedding (up to 370%),
  • better weight gain,
  • no straw storage costs,
  • easy to distribute (saves the time),
  • less risk of getting bird flu,
  • a natural and eco-friendly product, no additives or binders.

Ingredients & storage

  • Selected high quality straw, (sourced from local farms), free from contamination and moisture.
  • Bulk-breaked product is available loose, loaded directly from silo or low-rise store. It is also available in 450 or 1000kg BigBags, and non-airtight 20kg paper or plactic bags.
  • The product must be stored and transported in dry conditions, prevented from soaking and conditions liable to cause fungal growth, in a cool place.

How to use

Lectum 6.3 is used as poultry bedding. The applied amount depends on individual technology of breeding. The average use is 1,5-2 kg per m2. The producer ensures bedding delivery according to microbiological parameters in compliance with Manufacturer’s Standard. Bedding disinfection depends on production technology used by a breeder. In case of storing the product for a long time, disinfection is recommended.

Download the data sheet – Lectum 6.3K – professional poultry bedding