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Bedding powder for rubber mats Lectum 6.1

The bedding made of extruded straw fiber to apply on rubber mats as a base layer. It gives cows comfort, improves hygiene and also reduces your workload. Lectum 6.1 is intended to improve living conditions of dairy cattle kept on rubber mats and mattresses. It keeps the lying areas dry. It gives cows greater comfort and counters the build up of microorganisms and fungi. It reduces the risk of infection which occurs as a result of contacting damaged skin, udder or teats with a surface. It reduces the risk of chafing developed when udder or teats contact a rubber mat. It’s non-toxic and harmless for animals and people.

Advantages of Lectum 6.1:

  • it keeps the lying area dry,
  • it gives cows greater comfort,
  • reduces the pace of pathogens and funghi development,
  • reduces the risk of infections (as a result of contacting damaged skin, udders and teats with a surface),
  • minimizes the risk of chafing which can occur as a result of udder contacting a rubber mat.
bedding powder lectum 6.1
bedding powder lectum 6.1

General characteristics

High hygiene – Lectum animal bedding is produced from selected cereal straw (mostly wheat straw). It is thermally processed to the temperature above 90oC. Due to this process, it contains only traces of mould and very few microorganisms. absorbency – higher absorbency prevents from soaking and forming crust. To give an example: 100kg sawdust absorbs about 180kg of water, wheat straw (cut) about 250kg of water and Lectum at least 370kg of water. The high absorbency is achieved due to straw extrusion, which changes its structure so that the water is absorbed through the ‘ends’ of long fibers rather than their whole surface.


Selected high quality straw, (sourced from local farms), free from contamination and moisture.

Storage and transport

The finished product is available loose, loaded directly into trucks from a silo or low-rise store, and also in 400 and 800kg BigBag bags or 15kg paper bags.

The product must be stored and transported in dry conditions, prevented from getting wet and contamination, especially by fungi or mould, in a cool place.

How to use

Lectum 6.1 is used as a surface bedding product for lying areas of dairy cows and for drying other surfaces on farms. The average use of Lectum 6.1 is 10kg per a cubicle monthly. The producer ensures bedding delivery according to microbiological parameters in compliance with Manufacturer’s Standard. Additional dry disinfection of the product can be applied.

Download a brochure in English – Special animal bedding Lectum for mats and dry disinfection