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Disinfection for bedding mats Lectum Camag

The animal bedding created specifically to disinfect rubber mats and mattresses. Especially recommended in barns, as there is a higher incidence of diseases among cows.

Disinfection for bedding mats Lectum Camag
Disinfection powder for bedding mats Lectum Camag

Lectum CAMAG is used to improve living conditions of dairy cows kept on rubber mats and mattresses. It works both ways: -dries up the sleeping area, – permanently increases pH up to 10, It counters the build up of fungi and bacteria which reduces cows’ infections. It’s non-toxic and safe for people as well as animals.

71% less E. coli infections cows/month

General characteristics:

High hygiene – Lectum CAMAG is produced from selected cereal straw (mostly wheat straw). It is thermally processed to the temperature above 90oC. Due to this process, it contains only traces of mould and very few microorganisms. In addition, the organic ingredients of Lectum CAMAG are stabilised by ingredients containing magnesium and calcium which have antibacterial and antifungial effect.

It works as a disinfectant – because of its unique ingredients Lectum CAMAG agent keeps the pH level at around 10 for a long time and, this way, inhibits pathogenic microorganisms. Optimal ph for bacteria:


Selected highest quality cereal straw, undergone heat treatment and mechanical processing, contamination and moist free, and the mixture of different natural ingredients of magnesium and calcium.

How to use:

Lectum CAMAG should be applied on mats and other surfaces which come into contact with infected damaged skin, scratches, cuts, teats and udder. It makes it possible to keep good hygiene standards, reduces infections, saves time and work when handling animals. The applied amount of Lectum CAMAG depends on individual technology of breeding and health of the cows. The average use is 10kg of the agent per one cubicle per month. In case of many acute diseases it is advised to clean feces and apply Lectum CAMAG. The frequency of use can be limited after individual assesment and used 3 days a week.

Storage and transport:

The product must be stored and transported in dry conditions, prevented from getting wet and contamination, especially by fungi or mould, in a cool place.

Download a brochure in English – Special animal bedding Lectum for mats and dry disinfection