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Eco bedding powder Lectum Magma

Lectum Magma is the eco-friendly animal bedding to use on rubber mats, it consists of two natural ingredients only: extruded straw fiber and finely ground volcanic rock.

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Eco bedding powder Lectum Magma


Due to finely ground volcanic rock, Lectum MAGMA agent increases pH of animal bedding in the presence of moisture. Change of pH counters the build up of disease-causing germs. Lectum MAGMA disinfects teats, udder and limb injuries.


Selected highest quality cereal straw, undergone heat treatment and mechanical processing, contamination free and dry, finely ground volcanic rock having bacteriostatic effect.

General characteristics:

  • High hygiene – Lectum animal bedding is producted from selected cereal straw (mainly wheat straw). It is thermally processed to the temperature above 90oC. Due to this process it contains only traces of mould and very few microorganisms.
  • Volcanic rock as a natural disinfectant – increases its pH in presence of moisture.
  • Moisutre absorption capacity – higher absorbency prevents from soaking and forming crust. To give an example: 100kg sawdust absorbs about 180kg of water, wheat straw (cut) about 250kg of water and Lectum at least 370kg of water. The high absorbency is achieved due to straw extrusion, which changes its structure so that the water is absorbed through the ends of long fibers rather than their whole surface.
  • High nutritional value of manure due to microelements and trace elements: manganese, molybdenum, sodium, ferrum, titanium, copper and zinc. According to Liebig law of the minimum, it increases the absorption of macroelements NPK which are found in soil and added with a fertilizer.

How to use

Lectum MAGMA should be applied on mats of dairy cows. The applied amount depends on individual technology of breeding and health of the cows. The average use is 10kg of the agent per one cubicle during a month. In case of many acute diseases it is advised to clean feces and apply Lectum MAGMA.


The finished product is available in 20kg paper bags , or 500kg and 1000kg BigBag bags

Download a brochure in English – Special animal bedding Lectum for mats and dry disinfection